• SECUtec ST-AC31S5 Metal Body RFiD Card Access Controller

SECUtec ST-AC31S5 is a Contact-less + Password Access Controller in Weather-proof Metal Casing, which support EM, HID, MIFARE type proximity cards. It is the most advanced stand alone Access Controller. It has Built-in high performance microprocessors, Strong anti-interference ability, Safety and reliability with 2,000 users. It has strong functions, such as low power consumption, Back-lit keypad, independent passwords, Wiegand output, short circuit protection, exit button, doorbell interface and other Security Settings. Widely used in home, office, factory and other public places.

Identification Methods
RFiD Card & Password
Metal Casing, Weather-Proof
User Capacit
Induction Distance
3 ~ 8 cm
Back-lit, 12 keys and Doorbell Button
Wiegand 26 bit, Door relay output, Alarm relay output, Door Bell output
Power Supply
9 ~ 30V DC
L120 × W56 × H18 (mm)

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SECUtec ST-AC31S5 Metal Body RFiD Card Access Controller

  • Brand: SECUtec
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