• SecuAlarm 1600 Wired 16 Zone Fire Alarm System

Wired 16 Zone Fire Alarm System


  • 16 wired zones LED display on keypad, each zones are under micro-computer controlling, at most 16 keypad can be connected to this system (8 Alpha , 8 LED)
  • Auto-dial two groups of preset numbers
  • Automatically link to police alarm receiving center
  • Six groups of users operation codes (passwords) programmable, different passwords have different control & operation popedoms for arming, disarming, setting bypass/group bypass
  • Support 3/1 Expanding, 4+2 and CFSKⅢ three kinds of protocols
  • Entrance delay, alarm call ringing time and siren hooting time programmable
  • Every zone can be controlled partially, set particular checking-responding time, dial different alarm receiving number, program different arming and ringing style, set different events codes, turn on/off dome chime and bypass/ group bypass function, program different alarm delaying time. Etc
  • Anti-hijacking function
  • Dome chime function
  • Central alarm alive-checking function (15 minutes to 24 hours programmable)
  • Each zone could arm, disarm, set group pass partially
  • Central alarm low power and AC main power off indicating function
  • Support upmost 4 wired control keypad (LED display), cable length distance could be up to 400 meters
  • Alarm output relay function (when the main panel make alarm, it can output one group passive switch signal that can control some extra equipment)
  • Can program output PGM, when certain accident happened, the PGM output can trigger the flashing light, flashing siren, or others, max output 50mA
  • Telephone line anti cut function (if someone cut off the telephone cable, the external siren or horn will sound loudly)
  • 256 events memory (when alarm, if any communication trouble, main panel can memory the alarm event automatically. When the main panel is triggered again, and communicate with the alarm centre successfully, the storage events will be transferred together. This model can memory 256 alarm event in total. If power off, the storage alarm events will be cleared automatically)
  • Each defense zone with anti-tampering trigger display (when main panel is disarm, sensors are triggered, the corresponding LED will light)
  • 16 user password+ 1 main user password+1 install password
  • Self-checking function
  • Can check AC power off, low battery
  • Alarm call in priority
  • AC supply input: AC16.5V-3A,50-60HZ
  • Standby current: 100mA
  • Keyboard working current: 35mA
  • PGM port output max current: 50mA
  • Battery recharge current: Max 350mA
  • Auxiliary adapter output: 400 mA, with auto replacement electron fuse, limit current is 1A
  • Alarm bell output: 1A, with auto replacement electron fuse, limit current is 3A
  • Main panel dimension: 278 x 278 x 74 mm
  • Standard unit: One main panel, One keypad
  • high acid battery is suggested for backup battery, 12-volt, 6.5 AH, last for at least 4 hours. (The red line then the battery positive, black to the negative terminal of the battery, the battery polarity reversal quick melt fuse 3 amp, 3 AG (F4))
  • Hooting time at least 4 minutes, max 30 minutes
  • Delay to arm, at most 45 seconds
  • Allow Dynamic battery test, Allows the system status report, system default report, arm/disarm report, system recovery report. Hijack report
  • No dial-up before the delay, Dial-up delay(0-150 seconds)
  • Machine box should be locked or hidden
  • 500mS Loop Response Time
  • The host should be reliable to connect to the ground. Ideally, power supply, chassis and telephone lines were in, that is, uniform ground terminal. Ground terminal can be a dedicated copper access electricity may also be a water pipe and other conductors

Please Download Datasheet for complete technical specs.

SecuAlarm 1600 Wired 16 Zone Fire Alarm System

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