• SecuPoint 1002 Radio Frequency EAS Detection System

SECUtec SecuPoint 1002 Electronic Article Surveillance system is specially designed to ensure superior detection. The detection range can be up to 1.4 meter with the appropriate environment and labels or tags.

The SecuPoint 1002 is equipped with a sophisticated transmitter and a digital signal processor (DSP) in the receiver, providing effective protection for a wide variety of environments. This ensures that the security labels can be reliably detected and distinguished from noise sources and disturbances.

For retailers to whom maximum system detection reliability and performance is critical along with contemporary appearance, the SecuPoint 1002 is definitely the system of choice.

SecuPoint 1002
Operating Frequency
8.2 MHz (+/- 10%)
Scanning Frequency
180 MHz (+/- 10%)
Operating Distance
Up to 1.0 meter with 5 x 5 cm Soft Labels  |  Up to 1.2 meter with small Square Tags  |  Up to 1.4 meter with big Square Tags
Receiver’s Technology
Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
Alarm Mode
LEDs and Buzzer Sound
Input 24 Volt DC
Body Material
Powder Coated Aluminium Alloy
Antenna Height
1580 mm (62.20 Inch)
Antenna Width
370 mm (14.56 Inch)
Frame Width
90 mm (3.54 Inch)
Operating Temperature
-5° C ~ 50° C
Gross Weight (Pair)
16 Kg

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SecuPoint 1002 Radio Frequency EAS Detection System

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