Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Do you know how much your organisation spends on printing and imaging systems? If your company is highly document intensive, go for Unique Technologies unique “OFFER”. This business offers have everything for Managed Print Services (MPS) along with excellent customer service.

Services attached with MPS:

  • On-site consultation and deployment of Laser printers.
  • Maintenance and support for the printer supplied.
  • Printing Fault handling services

MPS is a definitive printing solution that ensures the following:

  • Printing costs reduced approximately by 60%
  • Reliance on IT reduced considerably
  • Carbon emissions reduced up to 60% (this includes usage of electricity)
  • Greater control on document printing, especially confidential documents such as invoices, contracts, or salary slips
  • Efficient management and maintenance of devices due to the involvement of a single service provider.

How will MPS improve your business?

  • Optimal usage of devices
  • Increase in IT Department productivity
  • Centralized handling of all print-related tasks
  • Adaptive Solutions
  • Secure Printing
  • A ‘greener’ option

Why Managed Print Services (MPS)?

  • Meticulous assessment of your company’s printing profile: Our expert team will offer solutions after a careful observation of your business needs.
  • Provision of a diagnostic solution: Overheating, paper jams, or breakdown of machinery is the result of choosing a wrong printer. Our experts can also suggest sophisticated printers that can be integrated into your current document workflow.

Are you eligible for MPS? 

Managed Print Services is highly efficient for any company that executes a minimum of 1500 prints a month. This service can take care of organisation-level printing requirements irrespective of the size or nature of business.

Please contact our consultants to find the right MPS option for your company.

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