Recycling & Refilling

Recycling & Refilling

We offer all types of printer maintenance services including Toner Refilling, Toner Cartridge Recycling and Re-manufacturing along with sale of new, compatible, refurbished and reconditioned toner cartridges and Printers to our customers according to their needs.

Cartridge Recycling Services:

Printer is the most essential part of every home and office computers. Research shows that 90 percent of computer users have printer. In one year a normal home user of printer replaces 2 cartridges while an office printer needs approximately six cartage in one year. This extreme level of demand raises the demand of recycling and refilling of the cartridges. Printer recycling is a process in which we replace old elements of your toner with the new one. The most common parts are doctor blade, Drum blade, Wiper blade, PCR and magnetic role. We offer suitable cost for this service.

Toner Refilling:

Toner is one of the most important components of printer. Toner is a powder that is used in printer that helps in printing images or text on the page. Toner refilling is the method of refilling empty printer cartridges with new toner powder. It saves the price and cost of buying a new toner cartridge. Once you refill your toner, it will give you more polished and refined quality printing.

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