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Korlta KET201D 4 & 8 Door Access Controller

KET201D 4/8 door controller: Connect with sub-controller via RS485 Communication mode, KET101D sub-controller has a Standard Wiegand 26BIT Card reader itself and can connect with a standard Wiegand 26BIT output card reader also. There are IC/ID for your option. Door lock drive signal, magnetism signal, infrared signal, fire linkage signal and exit button signal are provided by multi-door controller. Using multi-door sub-controller can facilitate the long range wire connection, save the material/manpower/time, keep the sub-controllers in non-interference and advance the stability of the whole System.

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  • Every door can connect with two standard external Wiegand card reader
  • Every door has multi-route input connect point (magnetism, infrared, fire linkage, manual button etc
  • Every door has multi-route output
  • Lock relay, can control various kinds of constant-open & close lock
  • Alarm output function:
    • Alarm as the door is in the overtime open state
    • Alarm as the door is opened by force
    • Alarm a the unauthorized user entr
  • KET201 conduct the classification management function of user and authority user identification function
  • 16 Group week period can be set up to control the entrance & exit of the staff
  • Multi-Group constant-open state period could be set according to the staff quantity
  • Multi-Group constant-close state period could be set according to the staff quantity
  • Supporting Various Door open modes:
    • Punching Card to open the door
    • Remote controlling via computer to open/close the door
    • Manual button to open (install inside for EXIT)
Dimension: L300mm×W220mm×H73mm
Operating Power supply: DC 7-35V,Power consumption≤1 W
Input Power Supply: Inside Switch Power Supply, Input Power: AC220V/50Hz
Working Temperature: -20℃~+60℃
Working Humidity: 5%~90%; 100% humidity-proof disposal
Communication Mode: Standard RS485 or TCP/IP
User Number: 9214
Storing Records: 18724
Data retention period: 10 year
Connection Mode: Adopt connect port that can be dismantled
Protection Measurement: Lightning-Proof


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