• Bflex BF355D Fingerprint Handle Lock

The BFlex 355d is the "best of breed" AA battery operated lock. This Cast Steel fingerprint door handle holds 60 fingerprint templates. The lock has a coating so it will never fade or discolor. The assembly is sealed to prevent from oscillating, moisture, corrosion and loosening.

The BFlex 355d is one of the most durable lock on the market. We are so sure to we give you a 1 Year FREE Service/Parts Replacement warranty if the unit fails.

The BFlex 355 features a 5-latch international standard mortise for added security. Comes with a 5-latch international standard mortise. This allows the installer to retrofit the door with minimal changes. Designed for both Residential and Commercial uses alike, this lock is one of our most popular battery operated units as it is elegant and secure. NO pin numbers to enter just engage the handle and place your finger.

This unit includes an emergency mechanical key override. These Locks available in choice of Silver and Golden colors.

Bflex BF355D Fingerprint Handle Lock

  • Brand: Bflex
  • Product Code: BF366D
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