SECUtec ST-NKT4 with LCD display is advanced Guard Patrolling System. It is robust, low power consumption, shock-resistant and anti-vandalism. This model of Guard Patrolling System reader made for rugged use, which is protected with built-in-silicone metal alloy case. Records in reader memory can check on LCD display.


  • Security Guards Service Company
  • Border Security Agencies Patrolling
  • Factories, Equipments and Machines supervision
  • Hospitals, Hotels, Residential Areas, and Industries patrolling
  • ATM Machines Checking System
  • Railway Tracks, Oil & Gas Pipelines Security Checking
  • Agricultural Fields & Canals Checking and Maintenance

SECUtec ST-NKT4 Hand-held Reader for Guard Tour (Patrolling) System

  • Brand: SECUtec
  • Product Code: ST-NKT4
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