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  • ZKteco uFace800ZKteco uFace800

    ZKTeco uFace800 Fingerprint & Face Recognition Terminal

    Description: uFace800 facial multi-biometric time & attendance and access control terminal supports up to 3,000 face templates, 4,000 fingerprint templates and 10,000 cards (optional). With ZKTeco latest hardware platfrom and algorithm, it offers brand new UI and user-friendly operation interface to provide smooth user experience. With advanced face algorithm and multi biometric verification technology, the…

  • ZKteco K70 ProZKteco K70 Pro

    ZKTeco K70 Pro SSR Fingerprint Terminal

    Description: This fingerprint time & attendance terminal with access control functions, which can connect with third party electric lock, exit button. With SSR report )Self-Service Report) stored in the time clock. The 2.8 inch TFT screen can display more information vividly, including fingerprint image and verification results etc. TCP/IP communication is a standard function which…

  • ZKTeco SilkBio-101TCZKTeco SilkBio-101TC

    ZKTeco SilkBio-101TC Multi-Bio Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal

    Description: SilkBio-101TC is Time & Attendance and Access Control Terminal to be associated with SilkID fingerprint reader, face recognition and RFID card functions. With the new SilkID fingerprint reader, the operation remains stable under strong light source and high preciseness of verification of wet and rough fingers. With latest facial algorithm and the innovation features,…

  • ZKteco MB40-VLZKteco MB40-VL

    ZKTeco MB40-VL Fingerprint & Face Recognition Terminal

    Description: ZKTeco MB40 is a versatile biometric identification device equipped with ZKTeco’s innovative Visible Light recognition technology. ZKTeco face authentication with the latest generation of face recognition algorithms allows the device to detect targets at a distance of 0.3 m to 2 m and will automatically activate when it detects faces within the detecting distance….

  • ZKteco F21 Litezkteco f21 lite

    ZKTeco F21 Lite Fingerprint Access Controller

    Description: ZKTeco F21 Lite is a time attendance and access control terminal with advanced ZKTeco BioID technology. It possesses outstandingly high identification rate towards dry, wet and rough finger, Anti-Highlight and Side-Beams minimize the interference occurred during fingerprint verification and Infrared technology enables the device to function automatically when fingerprints are detected, reducing unnecessary electrical…

  • ZKteco FR1300ZKteco FR1300

    ZKTeco FR1300 Fingerprint & ID Card Slave Reader

    Description: FR1300 is an indoor slave reader with RS485 interface that works with master controllers from ZKTeco, for example, inBIO series biometric control panels. As a value-added slave reader, FR1300 provides the most secure and cost effective access control solution for small and medium enterprises.   Features: 86cmx86cm socket installation, easy operation Supports password when…

  • ZKteco TL400BZKteco TL400B

    ZKTeco TL400B Smart Door Lock

    Description: ZKTeco TL400B is a Bluetooth enabled smart lock that unlocks with your phone to get rid of the need for keys and combinations. Using the mobile app you can instantly access this Bluetooth-enabled lock. It’s easy to use and it allows a secure sharing and tracking option. Features: Various access for your convenience –…

  • EM LocksEM Locks

    EM Bolt Lock 12V DC

    Description: Electromagnetic locks consist of an armature and a coil assembly, which become magnetized when an electric current passes through them. This magnetic field secures the door and electronically controls when doors are locked and unlocked. Electromagnetic locks are fail-safe by design. With our expertise in this domain, we are able to offer a superior…

  • Magnet LockMagnet Lock

    Magnet Lock 12V DC

    Description: Magnetic locks use electromagnetism to control the entire locking mechanism. When the magnet is energized, it bonds to the armature and locks the door. To allow access or egress, a switch must be provided to de-energize the magnet. As the electric power activates the magnet, the bolt locks the door.      

  • Exit ButtonExit Button

    Metal Type EXIT Button

    Specification: Dimensions: 88L x 88W x 20H(mm) Standard Structure: Stainless steel Panel, Steel Button Operating Temperature: -10 ~ +55℃ Operating Humidity: 0 ~ 95% (relative humidity)