• McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite

Secure Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux systems with essential endpoint and data protection.

Protecting your data means maintaining multiple layers of defenses that live and protect it as it moves through your environment. You not only need to protect your endpoints from advanced threats, you also need to prevent data loss and ensure compliance. The McAfee® Endpoint Protection Suite—part of the Intel® Security product offering—integrates these core functions into a single, manageable environment ideal for safeguarding both your systems and data while keeping deployment, monitoring, and changes simple for administrators.

Web-based applications and email are essential for nearly every business today—a fact that has not gone undetected by cyber criminals. Protecting throughout the entire threat defense life cycle requires protection that can cover multiple systems, devices, and operating systems.

Protecting data is similar, however, there are also physical and user-driven risks that can occur through removable media, insider mistakes, or even an unhappy worker who copies intellectual property or customer data for malicious purposes.

The McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite seamlessly integrates proven security to help you manage all of these risks, delivering both operational efficiencies and cost savings with the convenience of a single solution with following features.

Intelligent, Collaborative Defenses

Advanced Email Virus and Spam Protection

Comprehensive Device Control

Integrated Firewall

Proactive Web Security

Management That Lowers Operational Costs

Deploy Quickly and Easily

Migration Made Easy

McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite

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